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System task causing performance issues?

During daytime between 09:00 and about 13:00 o'clock I'm having performance issues. System is responding very slow.

What I've found is during this time a system task is running: Flexnet Manager Suite which contains three subtasks Import into staging, import Inventory devices and Reconciliation software licenses.



Can this one be the reason?

Can it be scheduled during the evening / night ?

And how to do this?

Thanks for helping me out.

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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion

Hi Frank,

Are you running FNMS on-prem?

I generally do support you assumption regarding import/reconcile affecting performance.

At first I thought there was a weird time jump in the screenshot. But then I realized, you probably have standalone beacon and so the staging of inventory is disconnected from it's import.

Each import step only lasts a few minutes, so that does not really explain your issues. Maybe have a look at the actual log files from Compliance\Logging\ComplianceReader?

Best regards,