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Software Usage Metering for MACs


Is there a KB or doc that shows how to enable usage or Mac devices from the installation?

I found the one for Windows but I cant find the same or similar fields on the  bootstrap file.

I found it can be enabled after install by editing the config.ini, but this requires additional work after the install, Is there a way to set it enable from the installation?


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I already checked both, they are mostly for Windows, I need more details for UNIX based agents, this 2 KBs only mention it but no details , or instructions as they have for Windows.

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As per the last sentences on Agent third-party deployment: Configure the Bootstrap File for UNIX (the bottom of the page) this is not possible on UNIX-like operating systems like MacOS.

You may want to create an idea in the Ideas portal to get this added and supported and then get other forum members to vote on it.


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The techniques numbered (1) and (3) described at the first link that @winvarma posted for enabling usage metering are often going to be the easiest way to centrally manage settings (and will work for all operating system, including MacOS):

  1. Enable usage metering via policy settings managed in the FlexNet Manager Suite UI by creating a target under Discovery & Inventory > Discovery and Inventory Rules and checking the Allow application usage tracking on these targets option.

  2. Set configuration setting values centrally in the FlexNet Manager Suite database to get deployed to computers through FlexNet inventory agent policy. The Target__windows value specified in the SQL script on that page can be replaced with Target__osx for MacOS (or Target__unix for other UNIX-like operating systems).

Alternatively, if you want to enable usage metering as part of an agent installation script on MacOS/UNIX or by running commands locally post-install, see the following post for a shell script that can be used: MAC Usage Feature On/Off Missing

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