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Setting up agents without policy

Is it possible to set up Flexera agents on servers (windows or non-windows) without the policy.   If it is a must, can we push a file that is hard coded, and pushes the data on a fixed schedule (say 1 day or 1 week).  The reason is that we may want the agent to communicate only one way, from agent to beacon.  Not the other way.  How do we implement that

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Hi Pilgrim,

Yes, you can simply copy the Flexera Agent - available in the mgs$REG file share on any Beacon (file system: \Program Files (x86)\Flexera Software\Inventory Beacon\RemoteExecution\Public) - to your target devices and run the Agent binary (ndtrack) on a schedule using OS features like "Task Scheduler" on Windows or CRON on non-Windows OS. You can also run the Agent directly from the \\<Beacon>\mgs$RET network share.

As described in the "GatheringFlexNetInventory" document (,command line options can be used for configuring the Flexera agent.

However, communication from the Flexera agent to the Beacon is always "one way only". Any communication with the Beacon - both for uploading of data collected by the Flexera Agent, as well as for downloading the "Policy" from the Beacon to any Flexera Agent - is triggered by the Agent. Beacons cannot communicate with Flexera agents directly.