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SSL Certificate and IBM Cognos Encryption

I recently within the last 6 months updated our application to FNMS 2018 R2 from 2017 R2 however with this implementation came IBM Cognos and FNMS Analytics. During the upgrade I went through a very lengthily process of Re-encrypting IBM Cognos in order for it to communicate with our encrypted version of FNMS.
Our SSL Cert is expiring soon and I just received a new one, however, I am worried I will now need to once again Re-encrypt IBM Cognos so that it will communicate with our Web Server, is this the case?

Thank you,

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Community Manager

Could you elaborate on why you mean by "Re-encrypting IBM Cognos"? Are you referring to configuring Cognos to use SSL?

I would not expect a certificate change to impact the configuration. The only thing I can think of is if the new certificate was for some reason not trusted by the existing computer(s) that are communicating, but I assume you would be getting a new certificate that is trusted so that shouldn't be an issue.

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Correct, part of configuring Cognos to use SSL requires registration of the SSL Certificates being used by the Web Server along with reconfiguration.  The technician from Flexera I worked with referred to this as "Re-encrypting" Cognos.

I went through this process earlier this year and was hoping I would not have to do this again and had the same hopes that a certificate change wouldnt not impact Cognos but wanted some clarity around that.  I have a change window coming up soon and will be implementing the new SSL Certificate, I will report my findings.

Thank you,