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SQL Server Database Engine Services

SQL Server Database Engine Services is listed in FNMS as a commercial title.  While doing some investigation i find that SQL Server Database Engine Services is also evident in SQL Express.  This is causing SQL express titles to show up as commercial when they should not.  

Does the Flexera agent collect additional information similar to [Select @@ version]?  i have been informed that this is the only true way to tell the difference between SQL Standard / Enterprise and Express.

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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion


The Engine Services are usually removed by more specific applications. Here is an example:


If you find the Engine Services still as discovered application it may potentially indicate that there is something to be investigated in more detail.

The FNMS agent does collect WMI details to identify MS SQL Server editions:

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If the Database Engine Services or the Reporting Services are installed on the same server where the main SQL Server Instance is installed, then all is well with the world.  The FNMS Agent captures the SQL Server edition from WMI and simply shows that SQL Server is installed (ie. SQL Server 2017 Express).  FNMS will not show that the other SQL Server services are installed (Database Engine Services, Reporting Services, Analysis Services, etc. as they get bundled together by the ARL.

The issue happens when one of these services is installed on a server by itself, without the main SQL Server instance.  For example, if you only install SQL Server Reporting Services by itself on a server, Microsoft rules state that this must be licensed.  However, because the main SQL Server instance is not installed, there is no WMI Evidence created during the install of Reporting Services to identify the edition.

As Markward indicates, if the ARL is reporting a stand-alone install of one of these SQL Services (such as SQL Server 2017 Database Engine Service), it requires additional research.