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SQL Data from FNMS Agent and SCCM inventory

Hi Everyone,

We have FNMS agents and SCCM inventory sources running and from the FNMS agents we see SQL Developer (which does not need a license) but when we get the data from System Centre, it's just saying SQL and therefor it requires a license. Both are giving inventory on the same server, but it does not have the same software description and looks like they are not being merged properly.

Shouldn't the "merging" mechanism only import the data with more accurate information instead of just importing 2 records from both sources?

Any suggestions on how to fix this issue?

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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion

The inventory situation, you're describing, sounds like what I would await from these data sources. SCCM, by default, just delivers the SQL SERVER Add/Remove Programs (ARP) data, which is not enough information to identify a proper edition. Therefore it defaults to a version without edition and that is then basically a "worst case" and to be licensed as that.

The agent, on the other hand, will use the WMI namespaces to gather edition data. This seems to work fine in your case, identifying the developer edition.

Evidence data is not merged like computer objects or user accounts are merged. Instead, the resulting list of evidences is a combination of all sources. My understanding is that the SQL Server Developer should "remove" the "unknown" edition (within the same version) as shown in this example:


Please check the precedence data in your specific application version, I have seen some cases where the info was missing from the ARL. If that's the case, you may just report it to Flexera as an ARL fix.