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SCCM Integration Questions

we have been integrated with SCCM for years and are having constant issues with receiving old inventory.  We would like to add a filter that removes devices from the data input older than 30 days.  Would someone please point me in the right direction?

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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion


The overlapping inventory filter, as mentioned here, could help. Although, I am not sure if it does work on a single data source or only if the same machine came from another source.

You can always mess around with the SCCM reader and change the "BuildRelevantComputerList" and "GetDeletedComputerList" steps by adding additional filters.

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By Level 6 Flexeran
Level 6 Flexeran

Hello Joshua, You can do the filter via the Inventory Beacon, edit your SCCM inventory adapter and look for the following, see below screenshot.






Hope that answers your question. Please let me know if you have further inquiries.

As @mfranz suggested, the Overlapping Inventory Filter settings that @JJacildo mentioned are only helpful to filter out data when you have data for the same computer being imported from multiple sources - so that would help if the computers that are old in your SCCM database have current/new inventory being imported from another source (such as from the FlexNet inventory agent). It doesn't sound like this is your situation, so those settings are likely not helpful for you.

Best practice for dealing with old data is to deal with it at the source - i.e. in SCCM. Most organizations will have configuration in place in their SCCM system to delete/obsolete old inventory data after a period of time (such as 90 days). So consider talking to your SCCM team about whether they can put such a configuration in place in your environment.

If that isn't possible, another approach I've seen taken to address this sort of need is to set up a replica/duplicate copy of the SCCM database, and delete old/unwanted records from that copy before FlexNet Manager Suite reads data from it during its import process.

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