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SAP staging database data retention

By Level 8 Champion
Level 8 Champion

Dear Flexera,

I am wondering, how long does the FNMS-SAP staging database remains the collected SAP data? Is this configurable? It is an staging database so I would expect the data being removed after importing into FNMS tables.

Secondly how long does the collected SAP data then remains in FNMS and how can that be maintained?

Thanks and Regards


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Hi Ronny_OO7,

I think the data remains in staging database in /LICMAN/* tables. Currently there is no utility to remove the data periodically from FNM-SAP Admin Module.  

SAP data is loaded in SQL db on FNMS batch server and that data is being used when you use FNMS to maintain your licenses.  



Diggesh H Joshi

HI Diggesh,

Thanks for your reply. That is weird than as the staging db would only grow over time, neither would it be an "staging db" in my opinion.

Thanks, I am aware of the data flow. What I mean is how long does it remain in FNMS db? Or is that also endless.




Hi Ronald,

If  user related data grows, the staging db and FNMS db will also grow. Data will remain as long as the company uses FNMS.  


Diggesh H Joshi