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Restarting an FNMS Agent


Some of the agents installed on our VMs have stopped sending their inventories to the beacons. I do not undestand what the problem is, but it doesn't seem to come from the beacons.

Is there a way to restart an agent ? Alternatively, is there a troubleshoot documentation regarding the inventory agents?

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@pvialart - Typically when you see Last Inventory Dates from an agent that are aging out, there are 3 main reasons:

1 - That device/server no longer exists in the environment.  You need to set the status of the Inventory Device to a status of 'Ignored', or follow the process to delete the device both from the Discovered Devices view and the All Inventory view

2 - A network change has happened that is now preventing the agent from communicating with an inventory beacon.  You can look at the agent log files on a specific device to verify this.

3 - For some reason, the agent service is no longer running.  You can look at the agent log files on a specific device to verify this.

It could be related to the agent service. Can you tell me how can I check if it's running and how do I restart it?

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Community Manager

Agent logs can typically be found in the C:\Windows\Temp\ManageSoft\ directory on computers (see the FlexNet inventory agent logging section on this page for more info). Check the files there to see what kind of activity is going on in the agent.

In particular, the tracker.log file contains logging related to gathering and uploading inventory. You can see timestamps in that file that show when inventory was gathered, and see whether it was successfully uploaded.

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