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Recover Deleted PO

Someone from our team has deleted one Purchase Order. Is there anyway to recover that PO and also want to know who has deleted it?

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Short answer: NO.

There is no trigger or audit trail on a delete event. For recovering the PO, you would have to restore a backup.

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Community Manager

If you are using FlexNet Manager Suite On-Premises then you may be able to find some information about the deleted PO record by querying the the CompilanceHistory view in the compliance database. This view contains one row for each tracked property value change. You may find rows recorded showing a non-NULL OldValue and a NULL NewValue that correspond to the deletion operation.

You will have to dig in to the data and work to identify a query with appropriate filtering to find exactly what you're looking for, but start with a query like the following and work from there based on what it shows:

FROM dbo.ComplianceHistory
    AND OldValue IS NOT NULL
    AND NewValue IS NULL
ORDER BY ComplianceHistoryDate DESC


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