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Question on configuring a unix file


Is there a way to add the priority to the beacon and netselector to the file to have these certain machines just report to a specific Beacon.

Thanks in advanced,


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In there are only limited options you can configure, these are covered in the "Agent third-party deployment: Configure the Bootstrap File for UNIX" section of GatheringFlexNetInventory.pdf 


You can modify settings post install by creating a tempconfig.ini file in the same format as the original but only specifying the key you want to change and once you have the modified settings you can use:


/opt/managesoft/bin/mgsconfig -i /var/tmp/tempconfig.ini


This assumes you've placed your file in /var/tmp.  This is also covered in the Gathering Flexnet Inventory guide mentioned above.


If you're using 2019 R2, there are ways to restrict this in the UI however -


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Hi Steven

I have created a setup which i tested and works. See below, around the netselector you would need to see where to add it, hope this helps:

# -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# FlexNet Inventory Agent installation
# -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

# Create variables used throughout this installation script

# Create custom config.ini
cat << EOF > $BASEDIR/tempconfig.ini
[ManageSoft\Common\UploadSettings\Bootstrap Server 1]

[ManageSoft\Common\DownloadSettings\Bootstrap Server 1]

# Install FlexNet Inventory Agent - Mac,Linux,AIX etc
echo "Installing FlexNet Inventory Agent"
rpm -i managesoft-13.1.1-1.x86_64.rpm

# Apply custom configuration from $BASEDIR/config.ini
echo "Applying custom configuration into config.ini"
/opt/managesoft/bin/mgsconfig -i $BASEDIR/tempconfig.ini

# Remove tempconfig file
rm -rf $BASEDIR/tempconfig.ini

# Re-run the mgspolicy
/opt/managesoft/bin/mgspolicy -t machine