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Oracle Programmer false positives from OUI


I've noticed that Oracle Programmer (and other Oracle software) is detected from OUI on all machines for every Oracle home present. 

The query I used to identify the alleged install paths:

FROM SoftwareOccurrence so
JOIN SoftwareDetails sd
	ON so.SoftwareDetailsID = sd.SoftwareDetailsID
JOIN SoftwareValue sv
	ON so.SoftwareOccurrenceID = sv.SoftwareOccurrenceID
JOIN SoftwareProperty sp
	ON sv.SoftwarePropertyID = sp.SoftwarePropertyID
	join Computer c on c.ComputerID=so.ComputerID
WHERE sp.Property = 'InstallLocation'
and rawSoftwareName like 'Oracle%Programmer%'
and ComputerCN ='compName'
order by sv.Value

 for machine 'compName', the results are the following:


The paths specified do not exist on compName:

compName[]/home/oracle/product/> cd /home/oracle/product/19/oracle.precomp
-bash: cd: /home/oracle/product/19/oracle.precomp: No such file or directory
compName[]/home/oracle/product/> cd /home/oracle/product/
-bash: cd: /home/oracle/product/ No such file or directory
compName[]/home/oracle/product/> cd /home/oracle/product/
-bash: cd: /home/oracle/product/ No such file or directory

Using this KB article, we tried to find the contents of the OUIs, however they are empty:

<?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes" ?>
<!-- Copyright (c) 1999, 2021, Oracle and/or its affiliates.
All rights reserved. -->
<!-- Do not modify the contents of this file by hand. -->


In the compName's tracker.log, there are no records like this: (I know this is a Windows sample, I could not find one for Unix)

The file 'C:\oracle\inventory\ContentsXML\comps.xml' has been detected as a possible package registry

Can you please tell me why the Flexera agent detects installations? What can we do to a) get rid of the false positives and/or b) find the real installation paths / installed files?

Thank you,

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By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

You haven't indicated what makes you think this data is coming from Oracle Universal Installer (OUI) files, especially since all the files you've found don't contain the data you're seeing. Is it possible the data could be coming from somewhere else? You might get some further insight by looking in inventory NDI files from affected computers to see exactly what information is being gathered.

If this really is coming from OUI data, then it's possible you may be using an older agent version. FlexNet inventory agent versions 2021 R1 (17.0) and later contain an improvement that will only return OUI evidence where the installation directory noted in the OUI comps.xml file actually exists. Earlier agent versions did not check whether the installation directory exists.

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On evidence tab of a machine's "Inventory Device Properties" , the raw evidence type is OUI - this is why I think the data comes from OUI, but I'll ask for an .ndi file, great suggestion, thanks.

The machine I used to describe the problem has agent version 17.0.1 - this is also from the evidence tab.

Is there anything else I should check?

Thank you,