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One-Off upload for Contracts


I have bulk contracts that needs to be updated in FNMS, is their any way to upload them via One-Off upload like PO Template?

Thank you

Loveneesh Saxena

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@lsaxena - There is not a pre-built template for importing Contracts and Agreements.

However, if you have the data in a spreadsheet, a Business Adapter can be created to read the spreadsheet and map the data into FlexNet Manager.

Thank you 🙂

Do i need to open a case to create the business adapter with Flexera? 

If you are not comfortable with configuring a business adapter yourself, that is probably something to approach whoever looks after the technical aspects of your FlexNet Manager Suite system. In some organizations that may be an internal application support team who does this for your, or in other organizations it may be an external service provider.

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