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OUI and BEA Evidence discovered by Agent

Hello Flexera Experts, 

The Flexera agent discovered servers have Oracle DB and Weblogic installed on couple servers. 

We couldn't find any discovered file evidence from Flexera, and also servers administrator didn't see the applications on the server either. Does this mean the applications were not installed? 

If so, how can we remove the OUI and BEA evidence from server. 





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Thanks! @kclausen 


is there any knowledge base for BEA? 

Check out the following article that describes details of evidence data gathered from BEA Systems software installers: What is BEA evidence?

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We are running into similar issues.  A lot of systems that are showing as having Oracle Middleware applications based on the OUI and BEA evidence types when in fact they do not.  In some cases they are file servers or shares where the install files are hosted but being picked up as installations.  Are their any best practices to address this?  Should it really just be FMW evidence that we should trust?