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ORCL_Overview - FMW (Middleware) Records have Application=BLANK



I have enabled Oracle FMW Audit Data discovery via the inventory settings page. And I have enabled adding the OracleFMW to the GLAS archive via SystemSettings\Inventory page.

This has been running for a couple of weeks now. I can see in the UI there are at least 4 servers where WebLogic evidences were found and mapped to applications in the ARL, confirmed via the evidences tab for these servers.

However in the Oracle GLAS\ORCL_OVERVIEW.csv is not showing any values under the Application column. Is this expected behaviour? We would have thought the recognised applications (recognized using the OracleFMW evidences) should appear here.

Screenshot of the ORCL_OVERVIEW.csv attached.


Thanks, Weylin


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Community Manager

I'm not expert enough in the Oracle GLAS .csv files to comment on the empty values appearing in the APPLICATION column of the ORCL_OVERVIEW.csv file. However I can correct a misunderstand that I think you may have:

The contents of the GLAS archive (including what you see in the ORCL_OVERVIEW.csv file) are based on data gathered by scripts from the Oracle GLAS team. What you see depends in the files depends on what those scripts do or do not gather.

On the other hand, application you see recognized as installed in Flexera One ITAM or FlexNet Manager Suite are based on data [likely] gathered by the FlexNet inventory agent using the sources it looks at - the Oracle GLAS script output is not directly used for this. So it is quite possible (and expected) that you will see Flexera One ITAM/FlexNet Manager Suite recognizing installations because the agent is looking at a wider range of data than the Oracle GLAS scripts look at.

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the Oracle requirements describe the field APPLICATION as not mandatory. So an empty field is possible. Additionally Oracle doesn't specify the content of the field for rows associated with Oracle Fusion Middleware installations.

In our implementation the field is empty. And Oracle verified that this is the expected behavior.

Best regards, Martin