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O365 connector connectivity query

By Level 9 Champion
Level 9 Champion

Hi Guys,

I am looking to implement the new O365 connector to draw down licensing and usage information. 

However I'm unable to find it documented what Microsoft IP ranges should be open to allow this connectivity.

Any advice would be appreciated. 


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By Level 8 Champion
Level 8 Champion

We are using the connector together with proxy setting. The following URLs was opened

I do not recommend open up all IP-adresses since they are many and changes over time

Hi @bmaudlin ,

I've done the integration with O365 in a FNMS cloud setup and we need to have internet connectivity to the Beacon and the URL's suggested by @mag00_75  should be accessible. Later to get the data from the cloud we have to have a user with cloud app administrator Privileges for the  O365 Azure Tenant from which we have to import the data. There are 2 methods and attached the document for reference and hope it helps.

We need the below from the Azure administrator before starting.

1. OAuth 2.0 authorization endpoint (v2) URL

2. OAuth 2.0 token endpoint (v2)

3. Application Client ID

4. Redirect URL


Thanks guys for the update.

I'll take note of those steps provided, my only outstanding issue is, we can only whitelist on IP ranges rather than URL's so I'll see if I can track down these IP ranges on the suggested URL's


Hi @bmaudlin 

Microsoft has published some documentation in regards to their IP adresses. Hope you will find this page helpful.


I think the new connector doesn't require admin privileges anymore. The old connector did, which our security team didn't like.
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