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Need to install Flexera Agent || Issues After not reflecting on Flexera console

Hi Team,

We have a list to install Flexera agent and run the command from Windows & Linux server list. After installation does not reflect on Flexera console. 

Attached is the tracker.log of one of the windows server for your reference.

Let me know, How can we resolve this issues?

Awaiting your kind responses


Rahul Ranjan

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Please check below point

1:- Check if URL is getting resolve in DNS

2:- Telnet port 443 status from agent to beacon

3:- TLS setting at server level where agent has been deployed


According to the 'tracker.log'-file that you provided.:

  • The agent first tries to upload the inventory data (NDI file) to a Beacon ''. This fails with a HTTP 500 error on the server, which indicates something with the (IIS-) configuration on this Beacon is not correct.
  • After the attempt to upload to the first Beacon failed, the agent uploads the inventory data to the '' Beacon successfully.

You should check on the second Beacon '' if the NDI data have been forwarded to the next level (next Beacon or to the FNMS Inventory server.

And you should check the configuration on the first Beacon. Often re-initializing IIS from the Beacon console will help.

Remember that after data have been uploaded to the FNMS Inventory server, data will be visible in the FNMS User Interface ('Flexera console') only after the next full compliance import has been completed. By default, the Windows 'Task Scheduler' will trigger the compliance import at 02:00 AM in the morning, so you may have to wait until the next day.

By Level 6 Flexeran
Level 6 Flexeran

Hello @Rahul08 , for HTTP 500 internal server errors, please make sure you have IIS configured and have all the right roles installed on your Beacon server.

Please refer to the link below and look for Roles to see a list of IIS roles needed:

I hope that helps.