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Machines without Users

Hi guys,

I have a problem here....

I Have a lot of Machines (46.552) without Calculated User or Last Logged on User...

I Dont know what can i do to solve it...

A person told me that i need to have AD Connect on Beacons.. i have... and the problem still..

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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion


Calculated User is a bit of a special case, because not all sources can deliver such data. E.g. SCCM can, because they track multiple logins and this data allows to calculate a user. The FNMS Agent, on the other hand, only can read the last logged on user.

How do you collect your inventory?

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im using Flexnet Agent and SCCM connector.


Machines Without Calculated User:

FlexNet Manager Suite29008


Just to fix, the same machines doesnt have Last Logged on User.

How many of these are Windows Servers?   If they are a Windows Server, then it is normal to not see a User Name captured because a server runs unattended without a human operator logged into the OS.


All Machines are Desktop or Notebook...


Not sure if you're still experiencing issues with collecting information about users on your devices. For FlexNet inventory you may want to manually run the agent on some of the devices and then check the generated .ndi file and at the top of the file check the value in a line beginning with:

<Property Name="UserName" Value=

You may also want to create a support case to get assistance troubleshooting the issue. And please update on its resolution if you think other forum members could benefit from it.