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M365 connector usage data missing


I am using FNMS2022R2 and have an integration with M365 portal.

There is a strange behavior happening with the connector till 31 May2023 the online usage was being coming into the the toll however it has stopped coming in from 1 June 2023. I have checked the access rights and permissions and do not see any changes in them.

Screenshot 31 May shows 1.1M usage records in FNMS and Screenshot from 15 June shows 0 usage data records.

Also attaching access rights and permission Screenshot.

Looking for a positive answer.

What could be the possible reason for this?

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By Level 2 Flexeran
Level 2 Flexeran

Hello @azam_tajammul
I would recommend querying the Microsoft graph API directly:
a) Navigate to the Microsoft Graph Explorer

b) On the left-hand Authentication tab, sign in to the Graph Explorer as the account that grants our connector permission (or your test account)

c) On the GET v1.0 dialog (by default, populated with ) enter:'D90')

d) Hit 'Run Query'

This way we can check whether or not data is returned when querying the API directly.

If you have any questions, let me know.

Kind regards,
David Dasher
Flexera Support

Thank You David for the suggestion,

  • I could not find the authentication tab on the left, secondly how do i  put the credentials of the account as i have connected via app registration and a client secret, it doesnot have any password or username.?

Hi @azam_tajammul ,

Maybe somebody turned the anonymization feature in user reports on. This ensures to encrypt user data in a certain scope of reports. 

This setting exists since 2021 and has been automatically switched on since the start. 

For usage, the adapter gets all users and scopes the usage report after matching users. By having, anonymized data in the usage report, the result file will be empty because of no matching user IDs. 

Could you check that?

Best regards


Hello Martin,

That's a great catch, anonymization is indeed on in my org, but it has always been on and i was getting usage information previously.

Also flexera says it supports anonymization now, refer the link:

Your views? What could be other reason?


The link you provide to Data Anonymization Has Been Disabled in Microsoft 365 Integration references the Flexera SaaS Mgt. integration with M365. Are you using this integration or are you using the (FNMS) Beacon based integration to M365? (I'm asking as I don't think the latter has been changed to decrypt the usage data if they're encrypted on the Microsoft side...)


This will probably take a deeper dive.

Microsoft made a change on there side, and I was not even able to access the usage data directly from the Microsoft Portal.  I do not know what changed by my organizations security team in conjunction with MS to get it working again.