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Limitations on Restrictions Tab

Hi dear community, 

1) What is the suggested approach for applying restrictions to the license types below?  given that they are not supported and I have a current requirement to add restrictions based on Corporate Unit.

2) Are there any plans to support such license metrics in the future?  




From the FNMS Online Help:

Limitations on restrictions

The Restrictions tab is available for many license types, but is not available for the following license types:

  • CAL Legacy
  • IBM Authorized User
  • IBM Concurrent User
  • IBM Floating User
  • Named User
  • Node Locked
  • OEM
  • Oracle Legacy
  • Tiered Device
  • User.

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Level 16 Champion
Level 16 Champion

Hi Diego,

For Named User, Node Locked and OEM, I would got with a Business Import allocating the needed elements based on your Corporate Units. FNMS would never automatically assign any inventories or used to these licenses, so this is the actual way to go with these. Please keep in mind that  you also need to handle the deallocation.

In general, you can do the same with other license types, e.g. User. But you'll have to keep in mind that FNMS will try to fill in these licenses with elements, you did not allocate (usually based on installed applications). So you'll have to make sure that you have a license these elements can actually go to and that your license consumption order is set correctly.

Yon could switch from User to Named User if you want to avoid that FNMS assigns users to one of your "restricted" licenses on its own.

Potential issues with such workarounds are:

  • Labor intensive, as they will usually need extensive monitoring and regular updating.
  • Changes in intrastructure may lead to unexpected behaviour.
  • Good data quality is essential for this to work properly.
  • Functionality of some of the original license types might be lost. E.g. User licenses will consume from inventories, even if no user is assigned. I think, you cannot do that easily with allocations.

Best regards,


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Thanks Markward for the reply! It seems like the proper workaround but I'd love to hear from Flexera whether there are plans to include such Restrictions option to every IBM 'out-of-the-box' metric.