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License Purchased, Consumes and Used Relationship.

Hi Dear Community,

I was looking for some information on the Snapshots I have attached.

1. What is the relationship between Purchased, Consumed and Used as shown in the "First Snapshot"?

2. In the "Second Snapshot" could you tell me how do I find the details for the 'used' field. I did infer that it will be present in the consumption tab, however I found some discrepancy in the highlighted values shows in "Second Snapshot" and the ones shown in "Third Snapshot" marked by the Red Arrow. We can see a shortfall of 12 in this.


Thank you,

Rohit Upadhya

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Level 14 Flexeran
Level 14 Flexeran

Snapshot 1 - This is the summary view of each license.

Purchases - The aggregate count of your entitlements for this license, rolled up from the purchases linked to the license.  Details can be seen on the Purchases tab of the license

Consumed - The aggregate consumption count for this license based on Active Inventory, the License Metric, and Use Rights.  Details can be seen on the Consumption tab of the license

Used - The number of installs contributing to the "consumption" of the license based on Software Usage data that FNMS has received from the inventory source (SCCM, BigFix, FlexNet Agent, etc.)  Details can be seen on the Consumption tab of the license (You can add the "Used" column to this view, which shows a value of Yes/No.  Depending on the license metric, you can also add the "Last Used Date" column to this view.


Snapshot 2 - This should show the same results as the numbers on Snapshot 1.


Snapshot 3 - Are you capturing virtual applications from a source such as XenApp, XenDesktop or App-V?  Look at the Remote Devices view from Discovery and Inventory.  Consumption/Usage data for a Device license would come from both the Active Inventory view as well as the Remote Devices view.