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License Keys during purchase creation

Good morning all. We are new to Flexera and still working out the kinks and processes. We've determined how to set up licenses so we can input a serial/activation key. Is there a way in which we can input an activation key at the same time as we create the purchase? 

 It takes time in order for the purchase to sync up with Flexera so the user and machine do not appear in the license consumption right away. This means I have to wait for it to show up, and go back in and add the license. Being able to input the license key at the same time would prevent me from having to wait for Flexera to update before going back into the license and adding the key. 

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Okay, let's see if I can help on this...

As you are create a purchase order in FNM there are tabs on the right. One of those tabs is for Licenses.  You can use that tab to associate your purchase order to an existing license.  If it is a brand new title then you will have to create the license from scratch.

Once you have your PO tied to a license, the license tied to an application(s), and an application(s) tied to evidence. You can either wait for the reconciliation to run automatically or you can initiate a reconciliation yourself.  Note: I try not do a manual reconciliation during peak usage times of FNM.

On a new license or an existing license there is the capability adjust the license key details and also importing the license key(s).

Once their is consumption being identified. You can use the consumption tab to assign the license key(s) from a drop down listing of the keys.

TIP: I typical have multiple browser tabs open at the same time so I can work back and forth from tab to tab instead of going from here to there in FNM.  It makes it easier for me to work with the data.

Please let me know if this helps or if you have any additional questions.