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Java 8 Update 361

Last week our org was forced to install Java 8 Update 361.  Looking at the device "history" of many machines, I am seeing where Java 8 Platform Standard was "Unlinked" and Java Unmanaged Application (yes that's the name of it) was Linked to the device.   One of the concerns I have is that Java 8 Platform Standard was Commercial (obviously a license is needed)......whereas this new Java Unmanaged Application shows that it's Freeware.

Another issue: when drilling into Java Unmanaged Application's "Evidence" shows 1,442 different entries of evidence assigned.  This can't possibly be correct.  It looks like FNMS didn't know what to do with it so it assigned all possible Java evidence it could find.

Question: Did FNMS create this app name on it's own or did it really come from Oracle in the Java 8 Update 361 ?


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I see that I have 14,000 installs and that there is overlapping evidence with other Java applications. Hopefully this gets corrected. Is there a ticket open?

Just to add to this ... on my machine, I have Java 8 update 331.  While Java Platform Standard 8 was not unlinked, I do see the link to "Java Unmanaged Application" in my device's history.  And generally speaking, FNMS now shows me tens of thousands of devices linked to "Java Unmanaged Application", too.


Please be aware of the May SAM Best Practices Webinar: Java licensing changes: how Flexera helps you keeping Java under control that you may want to attend (or watch the recording of afterwards) as Jan and Nicolas will go through the Oracle Java license changes and how Flexera has and will be addressing these.


John, this should be really helpful. I planned on discussing the changes with the team but I think it's awesome that it's coming from Flexera. Thanks for sharing!

Perhaps I spoke too soon. The registration for the seminar is not working for me. It's saying there's an error when the only things I had to enter were my email and company URL. Please help.

Interesting info and I plan on reviewing the webinar.  I see from the Information field of Java Unmanaged Application this has been created to avoid false positives:

Java commercial applications are recognized through File Evidence. This is here to hide the Installer Evidence, so that it wont cause false positive.

This application is for an unspecified version of this software. Most inventory systems do not return sufficient information to be able to accurately determine details of what version of the product has been installed.

Oracle is just writing that Java license is complex... Flexera is now quite good for Java recognition, with two limits:

- most recent Java updates are assigned in ARL some weeks after being released. If you can not wait for ARL release, do like I do, just assign manually unrecognized Java Evidences (both install & files) to relevant application, at least for commercial ones.

-  sometimes, even with "java -version" information (from recent Flexera Agent), Flexera can't decide commercial or not, for example, when publisher is unknown. Then manual customer work is still needed.