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Is lmgrd supported on Windows Server 2019?


ELS is install on Windows Server 2019. When client product tries to take the license from ELS, it is giving following error

(unisw20) DENIED: "MAPINFO.PROFESSIONAL.1500" fretesp@rdp01 (Licensed number of users already reached. (-4,342))

Can you please tell what is happening here?

Is lmgrd supported on Windows Server 2019?





(3) Replies

@sukumar_barman  - This just appears to be a standard message from the License Server that you are trying to exceed the maximum number of concurrent users that you are licensed for.  You have 4342 concurrent licenses available for MapInfo Pro and all of your licenses are in use and someone is requesting an additional license which is not available due to your current license.

Hi  kclausen,

ELS does not have 4342 concurrent licenses. It has  24 licenses.

So -4,342  is indicating something different.

Besides, can  you please confirm that  lmgrd is supported on Windows Server 2019. Is it teseted?




Hi @sukumar_barman 

For lmgrd the latest version 11.16.5 is supported for Windows Server 2019 however as this is part of our license product rather than directly with FNMEA we couldn't reliably inform you as to whether your license vendor is using a supported version of lmgrd in their application, for this you would require speaking with your license vendor to confirm what versions they have implemented into their application.

In terms of the latest agent for FNMEA, agent version 5.6 this hasn't been fully tested with Windows Server 2019 so may not fully be supported for this OS version