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Is Flexnet Inventory Agent getting application installation date on server?

Hello community,


do Flexnet Inventory Agent have capability of getting the timestamp when application on server was installed?  Or is it collecting only usage data as described in official documentation? 
We are using FlexNet Manager Suite 2020 R1.2 [] with FlexNet Inventory Agents running on several versions from v12 to v15 within all customer servers. 
Installation date question would be appreciated if confirmed.


Thanks and regards,

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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion


I think the agent does collect this detail. Here is an example form an ndi file:


My experience is that not all installations save this to the registry. Could be related to the installer being MSI or EXE, not completely sure. IF the agent collected this, you should be able to access this information from the FNMSInventory database. Maybe create a custom report on it? Of course, this is assuming FNMS on prem.

Best regards,


	,sv.Value AS InstallDate
FROM SoftwareOccurrence so
JOIN SoftwareValue sv
	ON so.SoftwareOccurrenceID = sv.SoftwareOccurrenceID
JOIN SoftwareProperty sp
	ON sv.SoftwarePropertyID = sp.SoftwarePropertyID
		AND sp.Property = 'InstallDate'
JOIN SoftwareDetails sd
	ON so.SoftwareDetailsID = sd.SoftwareDetailsID
Hello mfranz,
can you navigate how to create hard-coded report please?
As far as I know, FNMS only save its discovery date, that is the date he has seen the application the first time. This is because the date found on the target server is not considered reliable.