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Inventory import process is not importing data for a device after zero touch inventory

When I imported inventory from a spreadsheet, the "application" device data from spreadsheet appeared at "all inventory". Then I ran zero-footprint for target "application". But as Reconcile, in system task tab shown that there was no device read from source FNMS although "application" appeared in "All discovered devices" and was inventoried successfully.

What should I do in this case? Thanks for your support.






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By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Not seeing any devices being read from the FlexNet Manager Suite source suggests that the data for the device that inventory has been gathered from has not yet been uploaded and stored in the inventory database.

You could check for this by looking in the Computer view in the inventory database to find the ComputerID of the device, and then look in the InventoryReport view to check whether a record exists there showing inventory has been received.

You could also look at the logs on the BC16 beacon to check it is uploading files successfully. For example, check in the uploader.log file to see that it shows an inventory from this device being uploaded from the beacon to the inventory server.

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