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Installer Evidence - Installation Path


We have Oracle servers that are discovered by Flexera Application Scripts. When trying to see how/where they're discovered, we are trying to see the evidence tab. There is no information on file Evidence Tab, but when checking Installed evidence we can find some summarized data which is not enough. My question is how I can determine the installation path of an application title using the Installer Evidence? Should I need to you ARL (Flexera ID) or is there any other tabs that I can find more information about the discovered CI.

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Re: Installer Evidence - Installation Path

Details of installation paths are not tracked by FlexNet Manager Suite.

If you are specifically looking at an Oracle Database installation then you may find the Oracle HOME directory detailed in the ndtrack agent log file (/var/opt/managesoft/log/tracker.log or C:\WINDOWS\Temp\ManageSoft\tracker.log) on the target device.
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