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Inconsistent Mac Agent Install

A customer is having problems installing the Mac agent on multiple machines, but what is strange is that the same install process and package works on other machines. The logs for the failed installs show "launch path not accessible" and  "An error occurred while running scripts from the package \U201cManageSoft.pkg\U201d" although the user is installing the agent as root. Any ideas what we might be doing wrong here? Logs attached for a successful install (399) and a failed install (304).

(4) Replies

Here is the log for the failed install. 

Have you done anything with Gatekeeper?

Gatekeeper must be disabled during the installation and can be re-enabled after the Mac Agent has been installed.

We did disable Gatekeeper and followed the instructions in the documentation. It's interesting that it worked on one machine, but not others. I think at this point I will be opening a ticket to get some help addressing this.



We found the solution and the problem was a permissions issue. While installing the Mac agent on a 10.14 operating system we need to run the following command to change the permissions on the ManageSoft.pkg file -

chmod 755 ManageSoft.pkg/Contents/Resources/*