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Import failed


When I import purchase orders through the Flexera import tool I get the following error:

"Import failed. Error: An error occurred when trying to execute the query [select *, FORMAT([Date], 'yyyy/MM/dd') AS Date_Format of [Purchase Orders$]]. The error message is ['Purchase Orders$' is not a valid name. Make sure it does not include invalid characters or punctuation and is not too long]".

Does anyone know why?
From what I can read in the problem, it is a problem in the import of the information and not in the quality of the information in the excel.


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@ssanchezp - My guess is that your Excel spreadsheet does not exactly match the PO Template.

Make sure that you download and use the Purchase Order Template from the User Interface.  Don't change any of the Column Names or the name of the Worksheet.

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Please also be aware that the pseudo SQL, when importing directly from an Excel file, is very limited. Consider staging the data first, then transforming date values from the staged data.

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