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IBM VPC licensing in Cloud Pak products


I'm trying to get FNMS calculating IBM Cloud Pak  for Automation VPC licensing with no success. Problem is that its a collection on bundled programs and that have various entitlement consumption ratios. Some programs may 1:1 and some 1:5 (one server core consumes 5 vpc licenses). 

In FNMS you cannot set consumption ratio to a primary application, just secondary. If I set all applications as secondary products, license shows zero consumption. If I choose one primary, usage is maxed by that product usage by allocation and no ratio conversion is used.

I am considering creating licenses per each bundled program but with that I have to manually count  overall consumption. And I'd have to create more core point tables.

Hoping, this is in the works of the FNMS dev.




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I would encourage you to also raise an enhancement request on this if you haven't done this already until Flexera launches a more formal ideation process through the community.


Hi John, 

There's a case opened for this. I'll try to provide all information required to get this addressed.


By Technical Writer
Technical Writer

An Enhancement has been created for this functionality and is being tracked as IOJ-2101527