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IBM Bundling behaviour in FNMS

For a Customer a situation occurs like underneath:

- Licence Container for IIB has been configured for subcapacity and contiains the primary Product and several Supplementary products (as part of the Bundle conform IBM's LID). 

- When zooming in on a Device consuming from this License, we detect the IIB License allocated for the primary product as well as for several Supplementarty product as being installed on this specific device. Behaviour as exepected.

- There is  1 exception. For WebSphere MQ (correctly configured into the bundle of the IIB License) an installation on this device is also detected. The assigned license in this case is hovever not the IIB license but a separate WebSPhere MQ License. Even thought the exact product with version and edition is part of the IIB Bundle. 

- When looking into the Consumption tab of this MQ License, we see the actual VM & Host as already being licensed for MQ (for several other VM's besided this one). This device does not add up to the amount of licensable processors and the consumption for this MQ License. 

Is this expected FNMS behaviour and if so, why? In my opinion "bundled" or "muilti-product" licenses always prevail (according to FNMS help as well). 

Does anyone have any explanation or suggestions? For the customer it is important the situation is clear and recognizable (used to ILMT). 

Thank you in advance!

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Hi @matthias_van_b_1 

Note that when you look at the consumption of IBM PVU software for a VM, it is not shown at the VM level, but at the host level.  I would suggest the VM is included in the license count of the WebSPhere MQ License.

Secondly, both IIB and W.MQ should both show as bundles.

Also be sure there is no allocation taking place that forces license priority order.