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How to create FNMS with SQL clustering (Active , Passive setup)


can someone help me to understand the below requirement

Is there a way to migrate FNMS on-prem from single database setup to clustered database with Active & passive databases.

This way FNMS can resort to passive node in case of any primary DB node failure 

Thanks in advance

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Hi Devarajan,

Yes, It is possible, you need to create another secodary DB server and create log shipping from Primary DB server to secondary. create SQL instance name which can be pointed to Primary DB server and update the FNMS with update config and change the DB hostname with SQL server Instance name.

However, whenever Primary DB goes down SQL DB team need to make secodary DB as primary. and point SQL Instance name to Secodary DB. no action needed from FMMS in this case.



This will never work because Flexera is designed to work with Temp tables when you fail over on the other node you leave the data behind and all the tasks, jobs and reconcile will fail. and you loose ~24h of data same amount of data is lost if you do a restore...


Database will be always in sync with secondary DB server in that case there is less chances loss of data.

You will loose the data because TEMPDB cannot be synced and all transactions will fail.

We had a multitenant implementation that was running on two nodes and we had big issues with the Application when we the DB's were Clustered and  Always On.



As nice as clustered SQL aware that any SQL cluster hiccups and failovers were not tolerated by running FNMS processes...atleast not for us.   We had issues with an enterprise SQL cluster at a customer---and our reconciliations, which already took the better part of 10 hours to run through everything, would bomb out due to a SQL failover happening overnight, which would hang everything up.    Before we departed, they never fully corrected their SQL issues---but we were in the prcoess of moving back to our own maintained DB servers b/c that was less of a risk having me as a DBA 😄