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How to centrally force Flexnet Inventory Agent to report immediately

Hi Forum Members,

I am looking for a way to force Flexnet Inventory Agent from central, I mean is it something that I can trigger from FNMS web-ui?

I am aware that we can run ndtrack –t machine –o upload=true command, but this will need a user to run it manually on the machine. We don't want any user intervention.

Our default Inventory Agent Frequency is currently set to weekly, I see option to change it to "As soon as possible", could this answer my question? what will happen if I change this to ASAP, I assume agent will immediately report an inventory (1 time) and then stop reporting until I change the frequency back to weekly.

thank you.


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Well, from WebUI that is not possible also even the inventory of freshly deployed agent can only be seen after the reconciliation.

You can change the Inventory Schedule within the Flexera One UI to run on a daily basis rather than weekly. As stated by @farrukh , as agent inventory files are received throughout the day, you will not see any changes in the Inventory until the next day after the Nightly Reconcile Import runs.