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How to add users for Oracle SOA Suite for Oracle Middleware (License type: Oracle Named User Plus)

Hi, Can you please guide how to users list  who are consumping the Oracle SOA Suite for Oracle Middleware (License type: Oracle Named User Plus), currently we have allocated device into consumption tab.. Please provide instructions around mapping the consumption for Oracle SOA suite for middleware software. Thank You.

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The Oracle Practice Guide touches a bit on this and states: "For NUP, we recommend a combination of people, process and technology as current inventory technologies in the SAM industry do not extract usage information. Flexera does, however, have the ability to connect to and download compliance data for the primary systems. A Flexera adapter can be used to load collected user related information..
For very specific cases, it may be possible to utilize experimental tools to connect to and download compliance data from these systems."


@dparab27  - At the present time, calculating Named User/Application User license consumption for Oracle Middleware Products is a combination of using Technology, People and Process.

Technology - FlexNet Manager is able to identify the servers where your Middleware products are installed and also take into account any product bundling rules.  The Product Use Right libraries also know the correct "minimum user" rules to apply for each product.  For example, a minimum of 10 users are required for each core.

People and Process - The ability to automatically capture the list of users with access to Middleware products is not something that is currently available within FlexNet Manager (or any other tool).  However, Flexera continues to research this topic and does have some experimental technology, as John has stated.  Therefore, you need to work with the System Administrators of your middleware products to get lists/counts of users with access to each middleware product.  Once you have the total user count, you can go to the Consumption tab of the license within FlexNet Manager. There is a field called "Non-Inventoried Users".  In this field, enter the total number of users that has been captured from your administrators or whatever process you have used to get this information.

Technology - During the next License Reconciliation, FlexNet Manager will look at the hardware attributes of all the servers where the middleware product is installed and then calculated the Minimum User rule.  It will compare this to the number of Non-Inventoried Users and whichever number of greater will be used as the license consumption.

People and Process - Option 2 - You can use internal techniques that may be available to export the actual users with access to a Middleware Product via an Administrator Console or other method.  Once you have this User List, you can import this list of users against the FlexNet Manager license with a Business Adapter.  FlexNet Manager during a reconcile will count the number of users against the Minimum User calculation and use whichever number is higher.