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How do I access Business Adapter Studio?


We are new to using Flexera (we have the suite) and were wondering how do we access Business Adapter Studio as we would like to have the ability to import all users from an excel list into the consumption of a license and were told this is the best way to do so. Any additional help with this would be great.


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If you have FNMS Cloud, then the Business Adapter is imbedded into your Inventory Beacons.


If you have FNMS On-Premises, then the Business Adapter can be accessed in two ways:

1) From the Product and License Center, you can download and install a "stand-alone" version of Business Adapter Studio

2) If you have an Inventory Beacon that is not installed on the FNMS Application Server/Batch Server, then the Business Adapter is imbedded into the beacon.