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FlexNet Inventory Agent, upload, Error 0xE0500195: 405 Method Not Allowed

Hi Community,

I'm a noob.  Am using FlexNet Inventory Agent v18.00.420 on Windows.  Fresh install.  I'm due to install agent on hundreds of Windows VMs.  I'm doing an initial remote install test on a couple of client VMs.  A beacon server has already been provided, and someone else deployed that.  TCP/443 connectivity from clients to server has been proven.

I have a an entry for this in my installer ini file:

DEPLOYSERVERURL = https://a.b.c.d/ManageSoftDL

However, shortly after install I see Eventlog entry in ManageSoft for: 

Error 0xE0500195: 405 Method Not Allowed
Error 0xE0500452: Failed to write remote file /ManageSoftRL/system on vmxxxxxxxxxx.ndi
Error 0xE069009A: Error transferring data (Network error?)
ERROR: Local PUT failed
Program exited with code 1

...and I get same error if if attempt a manual upload using "ndupload -f blah -o blah".

Anyone got any initial tips ?



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Can you confirm your agent machines are able to communicate with the CRL server or have you disabled the revocation check in the config file? I understand this is one item that is easily overlooked when implementing agent encrypted communication.

Hi - it turns out that we had multiple issues "server side", e.g. lack of RL or DL sub-pages, then us trying to use IPs in the installer ini file config, but then that config (i.e. application registry keys) were overwritten (by config/policy pull down from beacon) by FQHNs that we had no DNS resolver for.  Once the server side admin got those sorted, plus with a bit of help from Flexera post sales tech support, and a bit of domain admin to get name resolution sorted... then we were able to get going and now the agents in our non-prod domains are reporting in.  Thanks though to all those who replied.  Dave.

Hi Darren - thanks for replying.

I can definitely open port tcp/443 from agent to beacon.

I think the settings that you are referring to are these:

desc0 = NetworkSense
val0 = False
desc1 = CheckCertificateRevocation
val1 = False
desc2 = CheckServerCertificate
val2 = False
desc3 = UserInteractionLevel
val3 = Quiet

What might I be able to check next ?

Thank you.



We had some issues (not this one) after security scans were done on our beacons and there was an IIS setting enabled.   If PUT is not allowed, then it may be explicitly denied.   We found our issue was in the Request Filtering section of the IIS site---under "HTTP Verbs".  See if PUT is explicitly denied there.  It may be done at a higher IIS level...but you'll be specifically interested in the ManageSoftRL subsite.  Just something to check.