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FlexNet Beacon SCCM Adapter database connections - Direct vs Data Warehouse vs Replica

I know the SCCM adapter for FNMS from the FlexNet Beacon works with a direct database connection.

Two Questions:

Does it also work in scenarios where customers use Data Warehouse and would not like other tools to have direct databases connections?


Does it work using a databases replica?

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We need a direct SQL connection to an SCCM database.  Some customers take a SQL backup of their SCCM database, restore this on another SQL instance and then connect the beacon to that restored copy of SCCM so that the beacon is not connecting to the production SQL instance.

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Hi Kyle,

Data Warehouse is possible. I am actively using such solution with one of my customers. There are some benefits:

  • Producing no load on the SCCM production database
  • Therefore ususally not tied to import time windows, great for testing

Here is a general list of steps you'll have to do:

  • Have a list of tables and views needed by the original SCCM (SMS) adapter. Maybe you can start with this. But better double check yourself.
  • Have the data exported to the data warehouse on a regular basis. You will need to discuss some details regarding how often data is updated and if/how old data gets removed.
  • There is a function (dbo.fn_ListApplicationCIs) used by the original adapter (step GetAppVInstallerEvidence, InstallerEvidence.xml). It is not easily recreated in my data warehouse, so I changed the import step to not use the function. That's fine, because the customer does not use AppV.

Of course, there are downsides too:

  • Like most advanced customizations, this introduces additional potential for errors
  • Not supported by Flexera
  • You'll have to reapply you Reader changes after migrations
  • There's a risk you'll have to re-think your solution if either Microsoft or Flexera introduce changes to their solutions

Best regards,


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