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FNMS/ServiceNow Integration App 4.1

I'm having trouble tracking down the log for the FNMS export to ServiceNow. Based on the config.file, the file should be on the FNMS batch/processing server but its not there.

Everything is setup using the latest ServiceNow Store App for FlexNet Manager Suite.

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I should add that I have since located the log - but all it's not saying much. Has anyone had success with the new 4.x adapter? I have a case opened with support as well but need to get this wrapped up asap.

I don't have any specific insights into what might be failing for you, but for future reference to record the answer to the initial question raised in this thread:

The location of the log file produced by the fnmp_servicenow_export.exe process is configured in the C:\Program Files\Flexera Software\FlexNet Manager Platform\DotNet\bin\ServiceNowExport\fnmp_servicenow_export.exe.config file on the batch server. The default location is C:\Temp\Log\.

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Thanks Chris! I actually got it working with the help of a teammate 🙂

Check the status of the Import in ServiceNow:

  • Check for latest record in Import Run table and see the Status
  • Check for records in Import Transactions that have Import Run as above record and see the Statuses

While importing from FNMS to ServiceNow, if an import in ServiceNow has hung for some reason, the Import Run and Import Transaction records' Status wouldn't be set to Failed automatically. Meanwhile all exports from FNMS would fail assuming an import is in progress in ServiceNow. To let the next FNMS export push data to ServiceNow, the Failure has to be done manually.

To cleanup a import that is hung on ServiceNow side:


  • Find the Import Run record that is in Waiting state. There cannot be more than one record here. Set the State to Failed.
  • Find all the Import Transaction records that have Import Run as above record. Filter them further for Status as Waiting and change it to Failed. Change the Status filter to Processing and set it to Failed as well.
  • Go to FlexNet Manager Suite - Advanced - Data Sources - FNMS Import Data Source - Remove any Attachment it shows and clear out the Import set table name/label.
  • Go to FlexNet Manager Suite - Advanced - Scheduled Data Imports - FNMS Import Schedule, clear the Data source name and save.
  • Try another export from FNMS.