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FNMS - Nutanix inventory

Hi, I wanted to check if there is any documentation on gathering inventory from Nutanix?

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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion


Right now this would be the approach (assuming AHV as hypervisor):

  1. Gather VM inventory (e.g. via FNMS Agent)
  2. Manually collect Host details
  3. Manually collect Host-VM-relations
  4. Either manually add the data to FNMS or create a business import

In case Nutanix is run with ESX, you might just inventory a vCenter or the Windows hypervisors.

There are Nutanix APIs on host and cluster level to inventory 2. & 3. from above. I know of a script to do this, but it has been created for a paying customer and I am not allowed to share it.

There are existing Ideas related to Nutanix, feelk free to vote them up.

Best regards,


Hi Markward

We have the agents installed on the Nutanix guest machines (not installed on the host machines), have the host details as well as the host-guest relations. For step 4 you say either manually add the data to FNMS or create a business import.

How would you link the guest to a host via the business import process?

We have the Cloud instance of Flexera and in the business adapter for Inventory device I don't see the option to populate a host field with data supplied. There is nothing in the Relationships option to link host to guests either



Hi Shawn,

I am sorry. When I wrote Business Adapter, I assumed FNMS on-prem. For on-prem the Business Adapter Studio offers custom queries, which let you manipulate the FNMS database, including Host-VM-relationships. I have done this repeatedly for customers.

I guess there's not much you can do in FNMS Cloud, other than doing manual changes in the WebUI.

Maybe vote for Flexera to develop an ootb solution:

Best regards,


Thanks for the info

That is kind of what I was thinking as well. For on prem I probably could have figured it out but being this was a Cloud install I didn't have that option other than manual updates via UI. Which of course just kind of turns into a nightmare when you start talking about the maintenance involved with manual links or unlinks as new guests get built or as guests get decommed.