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FNMS - Database Migration (not the entire Database)



we would like to migrate from MS SQL 2012 to a new Server with MS SQL Server 2019.


Our FNMS (back then it was FNMP) has been running for well over 11 years, so we don't want to migrate the entire Database. Only portions of it. 

Is there a way or a tool that can help us selecting and exporting only specific data? Just an Example: Maybe only Custom Reports, Licenses and Enterprise Structure?


All questions on this forum that I found are unfortunately about an entire Database Migration. 


Thank you!

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By Level 7 Champion
Level 7 Champion

I don't think that is possible.

In the answer file for doing an unattended installation, you can see that you can specify db server names and the db names for the four main FlexNet databases. You cannot split the FNMSCompliance database up by record types or functionality.

It doesn't work that way. All the underlying database views, stored procedures, and functions assume that the data is all in the same FNMSCompiance database.