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FNMS 2020 R2 Incorrect Beacon Entries in MGSSetup.ini file

We have discovered an incorrect spelling of several beacons listed within the MGSSetup.ini file.  We currently use 3rd party - SCCM - to distribute the Flexnet Inventory Agent installation.  Where does the MSI pull the beacon servers in from to populate the entries in the MGSSetup.ini file?

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@lelfers - MGSSETUP.INI is not touched or modified during the install process.

The INI file is independently edited to include your Beacon URLs and then placed into the installation package along with the MSI and other binary files.

In other words, someone had manually added those to the INI file, sometime in the past.

Thanks - so in order to correct we can provide a new ini file  for future installs and on existing  impacted devices either uninstall/re-install the agent or push a reg key update with correct DL entries?

When it comes to the "Primary Beacon" where it gets the initial policy download, that is the "deployserverurl" in the MGSSETUP.INI file. This is outlined in Step 4 here:

Once the initial policy is pulled correctly, the list of Beacons is received from the platform. This list, by default, contains the HOSTNAMES of the beacon servers. You can, however, configure a beacon to "report" a different name - which is used to override the hostname to an IP Address or other DNS Configured name which is useful for a variety of scenarios.

If the issue is that the deployserverurl was incorrectly configured it's typically easiest to correct the INI and use your deployment platform to uninstall\reinstall the agent.

If the issue is that the list is incorrect, check the configuration on the beacons that are reporting incorrectly. This KB Article reviews how to update this configuration.

Since you're already using SCCM....honestly the quickest fix would be just to update the registry of the systems that have it installed to reflect the correct URL to the beacon and restart the managed device service.  Could be an easy powershell script that gets pushed.

The key you want to update is "HKLM\Software\WOW6432Node\ManageSoft Corp\Managesoft\Common\DownloadSettings\Bootstrap Server 1\   "Host" would be the FQDN of the server.

Then restart "ndinit" service (Flexera Inventory Manager manage device).

Make sure you update the mgssetup.ini file in the SCCM library and update the package hash so that further deployments get the correct settings.