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Evidences for SAAS Application(ex: IBM, NewRelic & Splunk).

Hello All,

Flexera is hosted on on-prem and version is 2020 R2 in our environment.
There are few publishers where the client applications are SAAS based(ex: IBM, NewRelic & Splunk).We are trying to collect the evidence information from these client applications. Unfortunately there are no evidences(installer, file etc) available.

Flexera has suggested to use Business adaptor for Saas application. Investigation is going on for this solution. Since this involves additional cost we are trying to explore alternative way to achieve the same.

Kindly provide documentation or steps if evidences for saas  applications can be retrieved without saas business adaptor.
Additionally is there a possibility to collect the evidence of saas apps via REST API from FNMS On-Prem.
Thank you.


Kind Regards,

Sachin MS

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Does the SaaS applications you have in mind behind this question have any kind of local app installed on the devices, or would any consumption be browser based only?

The Flexera SaaS management component of Flexera One uses multiple data sources to explore consumption of authorized and unauthorized SaaS apps, e.g. SSO solutions, expense claim systems, etc. I.e., it's also important to discuss the scope of what is meant by "SaaS discovery" (or evidence) in your organization before discussing the "how".


Hello @JohnSorensenDK ,

We have "Tanium" publisher which installs a client application on user computer. This client application enables or disables SAAS components as per Tanium license.
Regarding scope of "SaaS discovery", our expectation is to identify SAAS applications that are not yet available in Flexera ARL.

Kind Regards,
Sachin MS


For SaaS subscriptions (like your Tanium example) where there are applications and as such evidence placed on the devices locally, please follow the process to request updates to the ARL: How to Suggest Changes to the ARL SKU Library or PURL?