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Esxi Discovery is failing

Dear Members,  


Our beacon Esxi is failing: 2023-01-16 10:56:38,304 [iscoveryActionExecuter|Async]

[INFO ] Device 'DeviceName1' is in scope: 'RuleName'  Vcenter-Known vCenter or OVM Manager servers 2023-01-16 10:56:38,304 [iscoveryActionExecuter|Async] [INFO ] IP Scan completed, 1 devices failed to get port info. Adding these devices to downstream. 2023-01-16 10:56:38,304 [.DiscoveryTaskExecutor|PropertyDisco] [INFO ] Skipping Device Property Scan discovery for device 'DeviceName': Device is not discovered in the current rule execution. 2023-01-16 10:56:38,304 [.DiscoveryTaskExecutor|PropertyDisco] [INFO ] Performing VMware discovery for device 'DeviceName1' 2023-01-16 10:56:38,336 [.DiscoveryTaskExecutor|PropertyDisco] [INFO ] Completed VMware discovery for device 'DeviceName1': Name 'VMware vCenter Server', Port '443', Protocol 'https', Version '7.0.3', ApiType 'VirtualCenter', ApiVersion '' 2023-01-16 10:56:58,923 [overy.NetServerGetInfo|PropertyDisco] [INFO ] Completed NetAPI discovery for device 'DeviceName2' unsuccessfully: The network path could not be found.

 These are the logs from the beacon.

We have tried creating register A00 from pervious thread. Need your advise.

Thanks & Regards,
Fawad Laiq
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Hi, Check below points

  1. Vcenter connectivity from configured beacon on port 443
  2. Read only credential access in VC
  3. Credential must be configured in Beacon password manager under VC category
  4. VC Subnet with /32 must added in rule & beacon must be assign

HI @durata 


Everything seems to be correct and in place.


Thanks & Regards,
Fawad Laiq

can you share Vmware inventory log from beacon server to check it further.

Any specific logs inside. Can you share the path please? 

Thanks & Regards,
Fawad Laiq

Discovery and inventory rules

Logs events from the execution of Discovery & Inventory rules. You can see the configured rules in the Beacon UI on the 'Rules' page. Each rule execution will generate a new GUID (the task's unique SessionUID) which is used in the directory path when storing the log files.

I believe you would have already ensured the general stuff like ports, credentials etc. Is this vCenter in cloud, by any chance, like GCP?

hi @Vishal 


Good to see you!


Yes, they are all in place and this is on premise vCenter.


Thanks & Regards,
Fawad Laiq

Thanks Fawad 🙂


From the part of the log, it seems more of network related challenge than the credential. 

My suggestion would be to review the configuration of the target server to validate the port number it is expecting. 

Inspect the rule used to discover, and (probably) collect inventory from, this target device.

Check the action within this rule, and make sure that, in the VMware infrastructure section, Discover VMware infrastructure remains checked and that the port used on the target device is included in the list of ports.

Run telnet to ensure port connectivity.