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Error to make (Oracle).ndi


I'm trying to inventory Oracle but there was an error as following. I didn't know some what happened during inventory Oracle.ndi. do anybody know this problem?

Regards, Smith.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<Inventory Tracker="17.0.1" MachineName="hgsplmdev" ServiceProviders="True" Audience="Machine" AgentID="9b429bbc27882538f3059cbe1d81d1f0687e42bdddc132d42d1405b4ecc5a907" Scope="hgsplmdev" DateTime="20220111T193441" UserName="system" Software="False" Hardware="False" Agent="True" Type="Full">
<ServiceProvider Name="HGSUADEV" Type="Oracle database" LastInventoryResult="1"/>
<TaskStatusList><TaskStatus Result="Failed" Type="LocalOracleInventory" Status="OracleInventorySomeFailed" Duration="3.16" StartDateTime="2022-01-11T19:44:02"><Step Result="Failed" Type="OracleInventoryService" Status="OracleInventoryInstanceError" Duration="2.57"><Parameter Index="1">0</Parameter><Parameter Index="0">HGSUADEV</Parameter><Message></Message></Step><Parameter Index="2">1</Parameter><Parameter Index="0">1</Parameter><Parameter Index="1">0</Parameter></TaskStatus></TaskStatusList></Inventory>

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Community Manager

Take a look in the tracker.log file from the ndtrack process that ran to generate this inventory - it will contain more details about what was done and what failed during the inventory gathering process.

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