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Error in the Event Viewer Logs

Good day,
We are currently seeing thus error on the Event viewer's logs, as any of seen it and how did you get to resolve it, error message is bellow

A process serving application pool 'Flexera Beacon' suffered a fatal communication error with the Windows Process Activation Service. The process id was '5156'. The data field contains the error number.

Your assistnce is highly appreciated


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I don't know if this is still an issue for you, but if you need assistance troubleshooting what causes it in your environment, you may want to contact Flexera Support.


Can you check if  "Enable 32-Bit Applications" is set to TRUE on the "Flexera Beacon" application pool, please?

Hi @erwin_lindemann ,
Thanks for you response, we actually managed to fix this issue by reinstalling the beacon server application