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Duplicates devices for non-persistent Citrix machines



I have a customer that has the practice on his environment to rebuild his Citrix virtual servers every weekend, we are now encountering duplicates and triplicates of the same machine name but different serial number, we have implemented the XenApp agent and are moving this vms to the "light agent", is there any recommendations to avoid this duplicates?? we have reached the license count in FNMS and this is causing a lot of manual effort to remove the duplicates.


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Maybe think about changing the approach completely. I have several customers where XenApp data quality or technical limitations kept us from using the normal approach. In these cases, instead of collecting the data via the agent, we went for AD groups allowing user access to these environments and applications. These users were then  allocated to appropriate licenses.

The latest version adds an "AD groups" field to user licenses where FNMS users can add/removes the groups themselves. Data is then updated from AD on a daily basis.

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