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Discovery/inventory for App-V client

@AamerSharif: we have a customer using FNMS 2020R1 on-premises and are in the progress of making FlexNet agent as a primary source of inventory.  Same time they do have SCCM inventory source.

The client is using the App-V client instead of the SCCM end-point for the deployment of the software package.  There is no XenApp/XenDesktop service & AppVMgmtSvr service connected with this App-V client.  As I mentioned earlier, they are using the App-V client as an alternate to the SCCM end-point for technical reasons.

Here is the background of issue and question

  1. App-V client is installed on all the client/end-user devices for deployment and patching.  FlexNet Agent is also installed on the client/end-user device to discover and inventory the HW & SW.
  2. The customer is saying that they are unable to see the App-V client on the installed applications on the specified device.
  3. Are there any limitations or issues to discover/inventory the App-V client in the above-mentioned situation?
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By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

I would guess that you're wanting to see one of the "Application Virtualization (AppV) Client" applications recognized as installed here:


These applications are recognized based on installer evidence rules. For example, for the 5.0 version:


If you're not seeing these applications installed, then I would suggest investigating what installer evidence you are seeing gathered from inventory devices. Check under the "Evidence" tab when viewing an inventory device record to see what evidence is there, and see if it shows anything related to App-V. If you do see something then it may be that a new rule needs to be added to the ARL to recognize your specific evidence.

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