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Cirtix non-persistent workloads inventory

One customer asked about the inventory support for non-persistent workloads delivered by Citrix Provisioning Services, Citrix 7.15 LTSR and 1912 LTSR. I failed to find related statement in our standard documents but as per the attached document it seems non-persistent workloads inventory is supported. Is there any documentation on how the XenAppadapter should\can be configured to accommodate non-persistent?
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Hi @fnishikado ,

Citrix Xendesktop Non- Persistant VDI's  cannot be viewed on All Inventory. By using Discovery & Inventory rule you could inventory xendesktop enviornment which includes VDI's, but it will be available only in Discovery & Inventory - Remote Devices.

Below mentioned is link which would help you to get more information on VDI's.

Thank you