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Changing Corporate Unit Hierarchy

We are looking into changing our hierarchy of corporate units. Currently, we have multiple corporate units set up for workstations and and for servers. Our intent is to subordinate all the Workstation Corporate Units under a single "Enterprise-Workstation" corporate unit, and likewise all the Server Corporate Units under a single "Enterprise-Server" corporate.

Question: while we can easily recreate the individual corporate units nesting under the enterprise parent, what will be the impact of deleting the old, unnested corporate unit out of system? Will assigned devices and licenses automatically be reassigned to the new, nested corporate unit (with the same name as the old), or will this result in all previous corporate units being lost, and the need to go back and reassign all devices and licenses to the new, nested corporate units?

(2) Replies

Unfortunately, there is not a clean way to modify an Enterprise Group hierarchy.  You are basically starting over.

In your case, once you delete the "orphan" corporate units, then all of the Inventory Devices, Users and Hardware Assets linked to that corporate unit will have a blank Corporate Unit.  You will need to reimport/reassign the new nested Corporate Units to Inventory Devices and Users.

OK. That's what I needed to know. Thx!