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Can not using MatchingMask in business importer

I want to import information into hardware asset from csv file and mapping by part of values in columns. But I can not modify the matching mode  in business adapter studio. How can I change matching mode from 'equal' to 'like' of adapter?

The UsingFlexNetBusinessAdapters document has mentioned about connected and disconnected mode, but how to determine them by using business adapter studio?


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This screen shot shows an example of changing from 'equals' to 'like' and the lower part shows how the change gets applied into its .xml config file:


The disconnected mode is the command-line method outlined in chapter 2 of the UsingFlexNetBusinessAdapters document as outlined in the example of the first page of chapter 2.



I can't change the MatchingMode in business adapter studio (like the screen shot you sent), this field is disabled. I tried to change it in XML file but after that, error happens when I open XML file again in business adapter studio.

Turns out that the 'MatchingMode' can be configured in the standalone Business Adapter Studio program only (FNMS 2021 R1).

As you observed, this dropdown is disabled the Business Adapter tool that is integrated into the Beacon.

As a workaround, you could use a two step process as described in the 'Business Adapter Practice Guide':

  1. Use the standalone Business Adapter Studio for importing data into a local staging database (SQL Server Express is often used for this purpose)
  2. Use the Business Adapter tool that is integrated into the Beacon for uploading the data from the local staging database.


Hi @erwinlindemann , is there anyway to connect the standalone Business Adapter Studio with our existing FNMS system?

Thank you


If you are working in an on-prem FNMS environment), the standalone Business Adapter Studio allows using the [FNMSCompliance] SQL Server database as the target for importing the data.

When running the standalone Business Adapter Studio from a standalone Beacon, setting up the connection to the [FNMSCompliance] database will require network access to the SQL Server, and most likely a SQL Server account that has WRITE privileges to the database though.

In case you are working with FNMS in the Cloud, you have to use a local staging database. Using a staging DB allows doing some cleanup and normalization on the data before uploading the data into your production system, too.